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I honestly have no clue what to say at this point. This was honestly amazing. Many years of love and time and effort have gone into this character down to the tiniest detail, and for the first time ever it's finally real, and it is absolutely wonderful. Never have I ever had this OC drawn or even slightly put on paper in anyway but Maryllinn has brought it to life and made my dream of finally having an actual visual a reality. I can not thank her enough for not only doing this at all but also for slaving away to make it just right and always being happy to make even the most insignificant of changes to make absolutely sure I was as happy as could be. if you want someone to satisfy you down to the tiniest detail and make everything just right, this is it.

Order #155622 on 10/23/2018 Commissioned by Glitta

Anime digital art

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Art by: Maryllinn
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