Artist Best Practice Guide

Below is a ‘must-read’ guide on how artists can deliver a successful commissioned project.

Posting your Art Style

  • Upload at least 3 example images of your style. Our most popular orders include Before & After images.
  • Your description should clearly state what you will and will not do.
  • Give yourself enough time to complete the work. Add 1-2 extra days in your Max Days setting.
  • We get a lot of couple & family portraits. Lowering your price on upgrades will get you more orders.
  • **Important: If you are going to be away, deactivate your posting in ‘My Art Styles.’ This way you will not get negative reviews for not responding to orders while you are gone.

Beginning a project:

  • Review every order thoroughly.
  • “Accept” work promptly.
  • Thank the Client via Project Tracker for ordering.
  • **Important: Download and use the Required Template for each project. The template will include guidelines for canvas size, ratio, margins and required color setting. Sample Template: Portrait

Working with the Client:

  • Be patient.
  • Speak kindly.
  • Use the Project Tracker for the following:
    1. Request better photos if photos uploaded are not high quality.
    2. Ask the client to clarify the project instructions if they are unclear.
    3. Send low-res or watermarked work-in-progress art for client to review before delivering the final artwork.
    4. Kindly ask the client to leave you a review after they have marked the project as complete.
    5. Tell them ‘Thank you’ for their order!

How to Deliver your Final artwork:

  • Go to My Sales and click “Upload Finished Art” link.
  • Save your Full-resolution Jpeg/Jpg at Maximum Quality with embedded Color Profile: sRGB.
  • Upload JPG no larger than 15mb.
  • Upload Raw zip file no larger than 80mb.
  • Reduce your Raw file size with the below steps:
    1. Delete any unused layers – especially the Reference Photo
    2. Save file with Maximum Compatibility turned OFF
    3. ZIP the file
    4. Upload Zip

Withdrawing your funds:

  • After completing a project, you will need to request a withdrawal to receive payment to your PayPal account.
  • In your ‘My Account’ section, go to Payments and click ‘Withdraw Money’.
  • Double check that your email is linked with your PayPal account. This email will get sent the funds.

For more answers, visit our FAQ.