Tips for commissioning art you will LOVE:

Although we protect all our buyers with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, we would much rather see you get the custom artwork that you will love. Below are tips to help you get personalized artwork that you will be proud to show off.


5 tips to help you commission art you will love.

  1. Do not expect exact photo recreations. Each artwork is hand-painted as seen through the eyes of the artist and expressed in their unique style. If you are looking for exact photo recreation, try looking into apps that add filters to your photos.
  1. Give artists detailed instruction. List specifically what you “want” or “do not want” in the painting, so that the artist can accurately create the artwork that you are imagining. Then give the artist free reign to create your artwork in their style. Part of the fun is getting artwork that is creative, unique and truly one-of-a-kind as you are.
  1. Have a specific color in mind? Pick the color(s) you want from here: then provide the color code# to the artist.
  1. Upload photos that are high-resolution and clear. Avoid blurry, low-light, photos taken from afar or at unclear angles.
  1. Please be patient. Some of our artists do not have English as their primary language. If at any point you need assistance on your project, you can contact customer care in the Project Tracker for your order, or use our Contact Form and we will assist you with your order.

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Cheers to your future work of art!
Sketchmob Team