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Draw: -female -male -Moefication -Character Design -NSFW ok. I don't draw: -Furry -Muscular body Price list : -Bust up $ 20 - about full color background , it is not to much detail but i'll do my best - please send a reference for background what you want Canvas size is not following from sketchmob Base & lanscape : 2400x3300 Square : 2500x2500 350dpi You Will get : - Jpg file with simple Background (if you want) - psd file ( just color layer )
What you get: High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48"x36" inches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color:   Full Color
# of Subjects:   1 Subject
Composition:   Close-Up Portrait
Background:   Single Color (Minimal Detail)
Delivered Files:   High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files
Amazing art from amazing artist Very fast at responding and deliver the finished work in time~ Very talented artist, Highly recommended
Available Upgrades:
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Available Upgrades:
Add Detail
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Available Upgrades:
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Order Total: $20.00
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Avg Time to Complete Each: 2 days

Art by: Shirayuuki
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