• Good quality Anime & Manga Illustration
  • Good quality Anime & Manga Illustration

Good quality Anime & Manga Illustration


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Feel free to ask me anything but be sure be polite and patience. I am apologize if i have broken English grammar. I can drawing in digital art using Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.
My main course in Manga/Anime/Manhwa art style
I can do little cartoon like Disney, Spongebob, etc.
I can't do Furry, NSFW ,semi-hyper realistic painting.
Revision only 3 times.
What you get: High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48"x36" inches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color:   Full Color
# of Subjects:   1 Subject
Composition:   Mid Body
Background:   Multi Color (Medium Detail) or Single Color (Minimal Detail)
Delivered Files:   High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files
I had this designed for my daughter and she of course has a black cat. The artist was very careful on drawing accurately from the photos I sent. The artist did a great job and I am so pleased with this high resolution file. I recommend his work.
I am so pleased with the work of the Artist - we had a few changes but all were done in a timely fashion and the artist completed the project within the time that we agreed upon. The art is returned in a high resolution and I had it printed on metal. It looks so good and my son thought it was one of the best present he received.
Incredible rendition of Samsara the Sun Soul Monk from Dungeons and Dragons! Wonderful work multiple times creating amazing results with this artist!
Look at that fierce Titan-blooded beast! Excellent work on our Dungeons of Dragons characters multiple times now! Already submitted next commission!
Wonderful rendition of Anezak the Avenger for Dungeons and Dragons. Excellent work by this artist multiple times now!
Thank you for finishing in a timely manner. I'm very satisfied with the work! Most likely will order another one when I get some extra money haha
Excellent rendition of my cousin's character for Dungeons and Dragons, Vox the Swashbuckler Bard! This artist had delivered excellent work multiple times now!
Wonderful rendition of my sister's character for Dungeons and Dragons! Great fist commission work by this new Sketchmob artist and already submitted the next commission!
Available Upgrades:
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Available Upgrades:
Add Another Person(s) to Artwork
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Order Total: $40.00
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Avg Time to Complete Each: 5 days

Art by: KuroSasori92
8 reviews