• Halfbody Commission

Halfbody Commission


* upgrades available
❤payment via PayPal
❤You have to <b>Down-Payment first before I started your WIP commission. </b>
Full-payment can be transferred after I finished your commission.
<b>FULL-PAYMENT approximately A WEEK after I giving report your commission is finished. </b>
if you haven't transferred your full-payment yet, I will assume your commission will be banish and that's for penalty.
❤if you want to send your reference(s) contact me and give me more detail.
Simple half-body with various pose.

Good for couple or your OTP(s) art.

I will do:
(+)Semi-nsfw art such as mild sex without genitalia area
(+)OCxCanon or Self-insertxCanon
(+)Free Simple Background
(+)Armor (example: saint seiya armor)
(+)Free Revision

I can't do:
(-)R18/Hard Pornography/NSFW
(-)Detailed Background

You will get Hi-res file from my driver.
What you get: High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48"x36" inches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color:   Full Color
# of Subjects:   1 Subject
Composition:   Mid Body
Background:   Multi Color (Medium Detail) or Single Color (Minimal Detail)
Delivered Files:   High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files
Available Upgrades:
Available Upgrades: Price   Extra Days  

Available Upgrades:
Add Another Person(s) to Artwork
Extra Days

Available Upgrades:
Purchase Full Copyright
Order Total: $5.00
Available now
Avg Time to Complete Each: 5 days

Art by: RedMarvellia
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