• Colored Portrait Illustration
  • Colored Portrait Illustration
  • Colored Portrait Illustration
  • Colored Portrait Illustration
  • Colored Portrait Illustration

Colored Portrait Illustration


* upgrades available
Fully colored Bust or Mid Body
You can get the lineart version AND the colored one as well if you want-
I can add a simple or minimal detailed background if desired-
I can also add shadows and lights if desired for no extra cost-

Additional options which have an extra cost are:
+15 for both bust AND full body
+20 for adding another character/person to the drawing. You get the fullbody of it. Getting this Add-On benefits you since you save $10

-Please provide your character reference, and character description such as pose and expression or their personality/traits so i can properly depict them.
-You may upload the finished product to social media, but please credit me.

*I have the right to upload your commission to my own sites.
*My work is for personal use only. For commercial use you have to pay for the royalties/copyright.

I draw:
- Original & Fanart
- Girls & Boys
-Simple Armor
-Human anatomy with wings, ears, horns and/or tail only.

I don't draw:
- Heavy mecha
-Complex Armor
- Furry
-Animals such as tigers, lions or other big animals and mythical creatures, etc (Pets are okay, ex: cat, dog, etc)
What you get: High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48"x36" inches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color:   Full Color
# of Subjects:   1 Subject or 2 Subjects
Composition:   Close-Up Portrait, Full Body or Mid Body
Background:   Multi Color (Medium Detail) or Single Color (Minimal Detail)
Delivered Files:   High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files
Great artwork! Exactly what I wanted. Can't wait to this this autographed by Matthew Mercer!
Available Upgrades:
Available Upgrades: Price   Extra Days  

Available Upgrades:
Add Another Person(s) to Artwork
Extra Days

Available Upgrades:
Fullbody + Bust
Extra Days

Available Upgrades:
Purchase Full Copyright
Order Total: $15.00
Available now
Avg Time to Complete Each: 2 days

Art by: LeekyDis
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