• A try at realism.
  • A try at realism.

A try at realism.


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I can provide you a realistic version of your reference image, background included. These usually take a bit of time to do, but I am ready to update the commissioner with sketches frequently as the process keeps going. If changes want to be made, the commissioner is more then allowed to do so, but under reasonable means. Anything from kids to fan art is acceptable, though I usually have an issue with drawing teeth so if the reference image can comply with that request that'd be more than favorable.
What you get: High-Resolution (4k+), Hand-painted Digital Artwork File that you can Download and Print up to 48"x36" inches.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Basic Artwork Includes
Color:   Black and White or Full Color
# of Subjects:   1 Subject
Composition:   Close-Up Portrait or Mid Body
Background:   Multi Color (Medium Detail) or Single Color (Minimal Detail)
Delivered Files:   High-Resolution JPG and Raw Files
Amazing! Artist did a wonderful job, great communication!
Available Upgrades:
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Available Upgrades:
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Available Upgrades:
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Avg Time to Complete Each: 10 days

Art by: peachuuuya
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