• Den Vau and MV Hide and Seek With Flowers.

Den Vau and MV Hide and Seek With Flowers.


Let's try to analyze Black's content in the content of the MV Hide and Seek!

When we were young, we didn't know how to cherish, because of our own carelessness, we lost those who really loved us. By the time we understood, we had already lost them forever. . Hide and seek. .

To fully understand the story, I want to mention the folk song "Has anyone entered the Rose Garden yet" because there is always a "garden" throughout the song. Then, the "garden" here is the heart of the girl. And the "tree" - the si tree, is the guy who will accompany her in every stage of the girl's life.

Actually Black and the director have integrated a lot of images into the MV as well as the song, I also only analyze based on my understanding, and of course there will be limitations. First, «There is a tree in a garden», the first boy appeared, when the girl was a child, the two were friends, playing hide and seek together.

At that age of carefree playfulness, it is often associated with mindless thoughts and actions: "If you go looking, I will hide, if you go to hide, I won't find". The boy likes her, when she hides, he finds her. It was the boy's turn to hide, he hid too well, the girl couldn't find him, so she quickly got bored, left, and didn't look for him anymore. But the boy still stood in place, waiting for the girl to find him. So the baby was forgotten, lost under the tree: the image of a white cloth flying over the tree, and sunflowers planted around the tree, metaphor for the boy's departure.

It is also because of the shyness and timidity of the 16-17 age group, so the second guy did not appear in the MV, only mentioned through the first guy's story. Interspersed is the first boy's reminiscence about their past, because "there were two kids playing hide and seek" repeated over and over again – always the image of the first boy and the girl.

«I dug holes that I didn't know I would fall in», I clearly explained their childhood accident as follows: when they were young, the two of them often played under the tree, they dig holes at the base of the tree. , as your secret base. Then one day, two players play hide and seek, the boy hides there, and hopes the girl will find him. But the girl forgot him in the hole, and the next part has the phrase «Love from the old days has fallen asleep under the dormant tree» as once again attesting to the first boy's death.

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