How do Payments work?

We use Paypal as our secure payment gateway.

1) Client orders a custom art from an artist (via Paypal)

2) Payment is made and goes into escrow (we hold onto the money)

3) Artist gets Client’s photo, creates and delivers final High-Res art & Raw File

4) Client receives a low res proof to review and approve.

5) If Client is happy with the final artwork > Payment is released to the Artist minus our 15% processing fee.
Client can download High-Res image & Raw files, share with their social network or Order Prints.

5b) If Client is unhappy > Payment is fully refunded to the Client
Client cannot download their high res files, share or print their artwork.

6) Artists can withdraw their balance on our site to their Paypal account or order art on the site using their balance.

For more info see FAQ for Artists